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Take a look at our features below to understand why we believe we are the right choice for you.


To sign up and create your profile is free of charge - only subscribe when you are ready to. If you have any questions or would like to request a free demo, please get in touch.

Contractor or Builder

£1,200 plus VAT per annum

Accurately forecast waste volumes for your project based on industry performance

Develop robust cost estimates for tender submissions

Assess service capability of waste contractors in your project area

Gain instant access to live commercial rates and eliminate sales calls

Set project targets on waste and cost and monitor progress

Reduce time, hassle and risk on projects

Unlimited number of users within your business

Waste Services and/or
Recycled Aggregates Supplier

£360 plus VAT per annum

Receive hot leads direct to your inbox from construction buyers

Improve penetration into construction market by helping you work with new companies and gain new business

Area specific marketing potential to increase your chance of winning work in new or existing areas you service

Reduce the impact of rogue waste management companies

Reduce your overhead costs of direct sales

Protect your profit margins

Unlimited number of users within your business.

Triangular Bridge Detail

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Free Demo Form
Target Tracker Graph.JPG

Above: Screenshot from - Waste Target Tracker Graph

Cost Reduction
  • Save hours by not having to Google local waste suppliers

  • Assess their credentials using our ‘Star Rating’ system

  • Direct access to supplier; no broker middle men

  • Full transparency on cost for client discussions

  • Drive supply chain best practice in reducing waste

  • Monthly reporting template built in

  • Performance v BREEAM targets can be tracked

Data Science

Input of 3 simple pieces of information produce instant, accurate and detailed results.


The project forecast is supplemented by live commercial rates from local waste companies, giving a cost range for you to work within to de-risk your tender allowance while driving best practice to save money and resources.

Waste Forecast including Rates.png

Above: Screenshot from - Waste Forecasting & Pricing Results

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