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What is PAS 402?

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PAS 402 is a BSI standard for waste management, specific to the waste industry. It is an externally verified performance standard, with reporting that ensures waste management companies meet quality requirements with certified, verifiable evidence and ongoing auditing. It ensures that customers have a transparent and trusted view of how their waste is being handled.

Demonstrating compliance

As a performance standard, PAS 402 ultimately shows compliance, due to its requirement to publish the following:

  • a publicly available, verified annual report, specific to waste handling activities on site

  • externally verified waste recycling and recovery data

External auditing and verification confirm that:

  • waste data reporting is transparent and accurate

  • site activities are as described and compliant with health, safety, environment and quality requirements for the waste industry

  • client/customer relationships promote good waste management

BSI PAS 402 vs ISO 14001

So, what’s the difference between PAS 402 and ISO 14001, another commonly used environmental management system?

  • Waste industry specific: Whilst PAS 402 is specific only to the waste industry, so is much more closely aligned to its operations, ISO 14001 is an environment-wide management system.

  • SHEQ: PAS 402 relates to safety, health, environmental and quality measures, whereas ISO 14001 is environment-only.

  • Auditing: PAS 402 audits are specific to the waste sector, whereas ISO 14001 audits are sector agnostic. More specifically, PAS 402 is the only standard where auditing is carried out by UKAS accredited auditors.

  • Ongoing compliance: Both PAS 402 and ISO 14001 require confirmation of ongoing compliance.

PAS 402 with ticks for: waste industry specific, externally verified performance standard, requirement to confirm ongoing compliance, covers health, safety and environment, waste sector specific auditing and UKAS accredited auditors. ISO 14001 stating any industry under category waste industry specific, framework not performance standard showing under externally verified performance standard, a tick against requirement to confirm ongoing complaince, "environment only" under covers health and safety and environment, and crosses to show ISO14001 does not do waste sector specific auditing or UKAS accredited auditors
A table showing the differences between PAS 402 and ISO 14001

What are the benefits of PAS 402?

For your company:

  • External proof that the data you send to the Environment Agencies/your customers is accurate and transparently reported

  • Demonstrate that your site operations have integrity

  • Utilise annual reporting as a detailed and presentable marketing tool to endorse your company

For your customers:

  • Confidence that your recycling and landfill diversion rates are accurate

  • Access to personalised data on recycling rates and landfill diversion

  • A tailored annual report that shows proof of planning, permits, competence, training, duty of care and more

The SCAPE Group and the Construction Waste Portal recommend the use of the PAS 402 waste management standard as industry-leading best practice.

If you’d like to know more about Green Compass and the PAS 402 Scheme, please visit

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