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John has over 30 years of experience in environmental and sustainability management, 10 years of which were spent in a regulatory capacity with SEPA, and the last 12 years in construction. John is highly respected in the industry, and is an expert in environmental and waste management. is the product of John’s desire to transform the way in which the construction industry considers and manages waste production, while accessing high quality waste management services at competitive costs.

With support from key individuals and organisations, his 18-month dream of a fully integrated online service bridging the construction and waste management industries has become a reality. With more focus than ever on low carbon and net zero practices, John is confident that will further stimulate our collective shift towards a leaner and more productive built environment.



Industry Engagement Director

Allan has over 16 years of experience in developing sustainable support initiatives and tools for the construction sector, aimed at helping the sector transition to a more circular economy by eliminating waste and maximising resource efficiency.

Always firm in his belief that a lack of accurate waste forecasting data is a major barrier to reducing the volume of waste produced on construction sites, he has openly stated that the lack of comparison between forecast and performance undermines the ability to assess whether a project has performed well or not, both environmentally and financially.

Allan believes that provides clients and the construction and waste industries a game changer in driving better waste prevention practices and profitability.


Garry_2 (2).jpg

Technical Director

Garry has over 15 years' experience working as a Full-Stack Software Developer. He is familiar with a vast range of technologies and specializes in developing Web Applications. His background was in Java development but now works with many Backend, Frontend and Cloud Technologies including Python, Django, and Microsoft Azure among them.


When introduced to John, Garry was impressed with John’s passion and vision for what would become With a creative and innovative mindset, Garry was able to make John’s idea a reality. Garry’s vision was to create a tool that was visually appealing, provide a great user experience and with the underlying data science would make an impact on the construction industry.  


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