What does the website do?

ConstructionWastePortal.com uses completed construction project waste data to produce accurate and detailed forecasts for new projects. This is based on previous project data in that area, with the UK being split into different postcode zones.
You also gain access to local star rated waste management companies servicing that area, which creates a healthy, dynamic and responsive market in your project area.
Recycled aggregates for your project can also be easily sourced, with the embodied carbon of the forecasted waste materials also being calculated using standard industry factors. This is highly relevant in today’s climate agenda, and adds significant relevance to your forecasting and allows targeted reductions in carbon as well as waste.

How safe is my personal or work-related data?

We comply fully with all relevant data protection legislation including GDPR. We never forget that using the site is a choice, and we have measures in place to protect that choice. Our Privacy Policy explains this fully.

How safe is my project data?

Your project data is completely anonymous. No connection can be made to your project or your data. Whether you provide data by another means or via the upload facility on the website, we never ask for a project name, its value or how much you spent on waste. We don’t even ask for the full postcode, only the initial part e.g. AB1 and not AB1 2CD.
The only other considerations are what type of project your data relates to e.g. Office, Retail etc. as this helps us refine the forecasting outcomes as the modelling matures. Then comes the waste data itself in terms of total waste and any information on specific waste streams e.g. timber, plasterboard etc.
That’s it.

Can competitors see my skip rates?

No. Your rates and service capability are only visible to construction companies using the ‘Price My Project’ function on their page, and to use that they have to be subscribers.

How often can I change my rates or update my page?

Your page is specific to you and is your own ‘space’ on The Portal. You can access your page 24/7/365 in order to change your rates, logo, service capability or free text items.

What if someone set up a dummy company to check my rates?

The system notifies us when we have a new subscriber. Every company who subscribes is checked via Companies House. We only do this to check they are a legal entity, and not to check financial performance or legal compliance etc. If someone was to set up a bogus company to check competitor rates in a given area, this would be identified at this check stage, and they would be immediately removed from the system and their subscription fees retained by us. This is clearly stated in the T&C’s.

Are subscription fees per person?

No. Subscription fees are per Company for a full year from the date of subscription. Whether you have 1 user or 101 users, the fee is the same.

Can I order skips or aggregates on the website?

No. Using the website does not at any stage of a search or enquiry get you into a contractual obligation. The ethos of the website is to allow smart conversations to begin by giving people a platform to communicate based on considered assessment of capability and cost.

How does the star rating system work?

There are 10 technical areas which, as environmental professionals, we would expect or hope to see resource management companies have or aspire to achieve. Each of these is awarded a half star, and evidence can be uploaded to the system to evidence this. The intention is to encourage resource management companies to seek to be the best they can be in driving up standards within the industry. Please note that the ‘Covid-19 Risk Assessment’ and ‘Earthworks Capability’ boxes do not qualify for a half star.

Is being on your site an endorsement of a waste or construction company?

No. We do not endorse or validate the performance or financial status of any company using the website. However, our T&C’s are clear that should any company be prosecuted under environmental or any other company law statute that they will be removed from the website.
Additionally, if a commercial rate is substantially lower than ‘normal’ market conditions, we will investigate and act accordingly. We will not knowingly allow ridiculously low rates to be promoted unchecked.

Our aspiration is that the website will become known as the place to find those resource management companies who aspire to be the best.

How is the forecast worked out?

It’s a secret.
Data science is used to assess historic data using a number of factors, and our algorithm has been afforded two levels of legal protection as Intellectual Property including being classed as a ‘Trade Secret.’

Is there a commission fee for matches made through the site?

No. There is no commission or finder’s fee for putting two like-minded companies together. Our aim is to drive resource efficiency and best practice by bringing both industries closer together.
We won’t profiteer from that aspiration.

What happens when I get an enquiry for my skips through the site?

Enquiries can occur in a couple of ways. The contractor can either call or email you directly as your details are displayed when your Company logo is clicked to show your service capability.
Secondly, when your displayed rates are “accepted” on the contractor’s page by clicking a button, the system will automatically send an email to the primary email registered when you set up on the website. This email will tell you which company is enquiring, where the project is located and what your expected revenues from the project would be.

Can my waste contractor report my waste data directly into The Portal on a monthly basis and if so how?

Yes. This can be facilitated via an Application Programming Interface, or API for short. This involves your waste contractor’s technical specialists talking to ours to work out the necessary coding.
We will charge you agreed fees for our side of the development work. You would also have to pay any development fees your waste contractor wished to charge you, unless they offer it to you as part of their added value service offering.

Can I record planned waste reduction measures in the Portal aimed at reducing the predicted forecast, and can I run monthly reports on waste for my clients?

These inputs and outputs will be possible when our Site Waste Management Plan facility is implemented. We have recently completed the coding of a calculation for the embodied carbon of the forecasted waste materials. Work has begun on the SWMP feature.
Best practice via your reduction actions will also mean that you can present your clients with information on your targeted carbon reductions too.

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